Dang, Jessica Lange

Is it a relief to find herself the other side of the lens? “It’s the perfect counterpoint to working in film or theatre because it’s so solitary. I love it. I love the anonymity, where you’re just… watching, not being watched, you know?” She looks at me and narrows her feline eyes, trying to gauge my understanding, and continues: “Which, of course, is all I’m used to – it’s the essence of acting.”

Does it bother her being looked at? “Well, I’m quite shy by nature,” she says. I point out that acting is an odd career choice for someone who is shy of the public gaze. “I know. But the great thing about acting is that it’s not you. It’s a disguise, a masquerade. You’re pretending to be someone else. It’s what made it easy for me.” She lowers her eyes again, twirls the straw in her iced tea, and I wonder if Jessica Lange is wearing her disguise this afternoon.



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27. August 2014

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